David Mahaffey

David Mahaffey divides his time among people, pixels, and paragraphs. He found out in middle school that he could get paid to read for a living; after that there was no turning back. He’s still trying to work out exactly how he parlayed his misspent adolescent nights of web geekery into a job at The Sun, where he makes digital things go. David and his light-seeking partner live in Carrboro, NC, where they nurture a garden full of dogs, cats, and serendipity.

Current and Recent Projects

David built the Mercury Studio website, translating Katie’s text and Megan’s designs into incomprehensible code, thereby ensuring they will always owe him a cafe membership. When he’s not building websites like this one, he procrastinates instead of writing short stories. It’s okay, though, because he’s managed to talk a bunch of other writers and artists into procrastinating with him, and you can read their collective work on the Creative Collective blog.


Word Shepherd

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