Memberships, Rates, & Amenities

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Membership Types

Cafe Member has access to any of the common work areas, as well as a small storage locker.
Desk Member has a workspace for their use only, in one of our desk carrels.
Studio We are transitioning our Studio Membership! Stay tuned for more details and how you can apply! Click here to learn more about our community programming for artists.
Satellite Member is entitled to any member discounts as well as one day of cafe access per month. Satellite membership can be a monthly membership or a sponsorship level. Click here to learn more about our sponsorship program

Individual: Membership for one person
Duo: Membership for two people
Corporate: Membership for 3-5 people employed by the same company

Additional Amenities

Members receive discounts on space rental. Click here to see our space rental fees.

Student and military discount: 35% off cafe memberships and space rental
All desk and studio memberships include a profile on the Mercury Studio website.

Monthly Membership Fees

12 month 6 month month-to-month business
phone extension /
individual cafe N/A $120 $160 $15 N/A
desk $300 $340 $380 $15 $30
studio TBA! TBA! N/A $15 $30
satellite $25 $35 $50 N/A N/A
duo cafe N/A $220 $280 $15 N/A
desk $400 $440 $480 $15 $30 + $20 per additional line
corporate cafe N/A $380 $460 $15 N/A
desk $680 $720 $760 $15 $30 + $20 per additional line
Corporate memberships include FREE unlimited conference room access.