Freelancer: I need a meeting place, now what?

The decision to pursue a professional career as a freelancer, or even to combine a steady job with freelancing, is always a difficult one. This is because it is necessary to give something up. Be it time, stability, or even physical space. If you identify with this situation, you have probably already lived through the experience of needing to meet with a client, supplier, or even a prospect, and not having a place to meet.

Place vs productivity

Have you ever stopped to think that the place where the meeting takes place can directly impact productivity and results? Let’s think about it: what feeling does a calm, structured, harmonious environment give you? On the other hand, a meeting place with a lot of noise, no physical structure, unstable internet, dirty, what feeling does it convey?

Regardless of whether the work is manual or intellectual, the fact is that the physical space directly influences the team’s performance. Therefore, when proposing a meeting, think carefully about the profile of the people. The meeting’s objectives. And, especially, how much the people involved need to dedicate to the moment. A meeting that lasts the whole day, for example, requires even more attention. You need to be prepared.

What does physical space say about the meeting mentor?

It has already become clear that the space where a meeting takes place can directly impact the group’s individual and collective performance. Well, considering this fact, it should be noted that if the place says a lot about the results. The same happens in relation to those involved.

If you arrive at a meeting and the environment is prepared to receive clients or guests, naturally the good impressions and possibilities expand. In other words, the participant’s outlook changes in relation to the organizer. After all, there has been a clear demonstration of how important that moment is for him.

On the other hand, when arriving for a meeting, the person in charge is late. The space doesn’t even have enough seats for everyone. And yet, it has not been prepared. The view that the participants will have of who called the meeting changes. The environment can convey several connotations: lack of interest, lack of planning, and even lack of preparation.

So always think about the image you want to convey in every detail. From the words you choose to use during the meeting to the space you choose for the meeting.

Advantages of a well-structured meeting place

Complete structure, a place with the face of the business, clarity, an airy place, an environment that inspires…

Just reading these characteristics makes you want to get together for a team brainstorm. Or to present a project. Or to align trends with a new client. Would you agree? And these are some of the advantages of having a meeting place that inspires.

You may be thinking: I cannot afford to provide this for my clients, collaborators, and partners. We already have the solution! Shared offices offer all the structure we mentioned to inspire, impress, and allow the flow of a meeting. In addition, it also guarantees the possibility of renting a room or a space for short periods of time.

There are already coworkings in various parts of the city. That is, you can find a central place that meets the mobility needs of the participants. It also guarantees internet, infrastructure and the main thing: a good impression.

In addition to meetings

In addition to the rental of the meeting room and occasional meetings, we emphasize that coworkings can also be used as a workstation for longer periods. Whether for a day, a few days a week, or months. The spaces are super flexible and adaptable to your needs.

It is important to make this caveat, because often self-employed professionals and freelancers divide their busy routines. Be it between meetings, client visits, developing demands, and a tight deadline here and there. Often there is no time to commute home from the office to get organized.

And more than this, it is common to forget to have a fixed place dedicated to work. The home office is widely adopted, but it is not always the best option. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it is worth visiting a shared office, getting to know the structure, understanding values and investments so that you can analyze the possibilities that suit you.

It is always good to learn about new possibilities and expand your horizons. Have you ever heard the expression “think outside the box”? This is the time!